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xisco fuster

Photography & Moving Image


Xisco is a dynamic visual storyteller celebrated for his ability to capture the raw, unbridled essence of life in his images. An ardent adventurer at heart, his passions encompass an array of pursuits, from climbing and mountaineering to cycling and the world of motorsports. His fascination with all things motor-related runs deep, reflecting his unwavering commitment to exploring the intersection of humanity and machinery. With a visionary perspective, Xisco has made a mark in the global arena, working on transformative campaigns for renowned brands such as Mercedes, Mini, Audi, Volvo, and more. He takes a holistic approach to his craft, overseeing every facet of a project's life cycle, from meticulous pre-production planning to the artful execution of the shoot, and the masterful post-processing that brings his visions to life. Xisco, excels in helping brands establish profound, authentic connections with their audiences. His hallmark is the creation of genuine narratives that seamlessly align with a brand's guidelines, ensuring a harmonious flow that captures all the essential elements. His commitment to visual inspiration is unwavering, consistently pushing boundaries to craft captivating, evocative stories.

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