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Olivia’s love for photography started at an early age. Growing up in her native city of Bordeaux in France, she spent her teenage years discovering and experimenting with image-making, taking part in her first photography exhibition at the age of 16. 

Soon after she moved to London, and learned her craft assisting some of the world’s leading photographers, she spent time also developing her own personal projects and cultivating her own style. 

Her most recent project was a photography book collection — The Long Ride — a three year study of the habitats of indigenous horse breeds across the globe. Travelling on horseback, Olivia immersed herself within nature, capturing horses and the immensity of the landscapes they inhabit.

To this day, Olivia’s work is heavily inspired by the simplicity and delicacy found in nature. Based in London, she now brings her keen eye and instincts to interior, still-life and lifestyle photography, always striving to reveal their innate beauty. 

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