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Hugo aldatz

Photography & Moving Image


Hugo Aldatz is a photographer, director and creative from Galicia, in the northwest of Spain.  He spends his time between Spain, Sweden and London.
The first contact with photography was around the age of 12, the same time he started skating as a way to document his fellow skaters, tricks, parties, concerts and, in general, the local scene, leading eventually to him formally studying photography and fine arts
For several years he focused on his personal art project through sculpture and installations, working around the topic of the usage of public spaces and the importance of the game and to keep playing, very much related to his skateboarding practice. In parallel, he kept developing his visual diary in photography.
A sense of humour, simplicity and, in general, daily life resides at the centre of his work. This is applied to allow a warm and relax environment to flourish between all, creating a space where possibilities can happen, encouraging a natural connection between subject and camera. Hugo sees himself as a photographer that creates the right space where glimpses and moments are documented and captured. 
Both daylight and studio lighting play an important role in is work drawing on his years as a light designer.

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