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davey adesida



At the age of 17, Davey left West Africa and spent the past 8 years residing in the UK and America. During this time, he immersed himself in various photography realms, assisting and interning for fashion and food photographers, eventually transitioning into freelancing. Through these experiences, he honed his skills in lighting and collaborating.

Growing up on a farm adjacent to the serene rainforest provided him ample time to explore nature and indulge in classic foreign cinema, a passion instilled by his film-loving father. This calm upbringing significantly influences his photographic style, drawing inspiration from nature and cinema.

Amidst the chaos of social media, he strives to create a sense of tranquility and respite through his photographs, aiming to offer viewers a therapeutic escape, achieved predominantly through analogue. Shooting on film allows him to slow down, ensuring each shot is meticulously crafted. Additionally, he proficiently works with digital mediums, including directing videos, catering to diverse client preferences.

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