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A.I. Art Director


Neïla Romeyssa is a Paris-based AI artistic director. Guided by a background rooted in literature and audiovisuals, she swings between words and images, creating a visual symphony. Beginning her career as a concept-editor, the seductive appeal of Generative AI has aroused her interest in early 2023. Like an artist devoted to her craft, she immersed herself in this universe, embracing the nuances of promptography through long days & nights of training. Today, her professional background enables her to weave narratives, which she breathes life into with Generative AI. In her own words: "Visual Generative AI is my expanded palette, capturing echoes of my thoughts and those of others, while adding a surprising breath of novelty." Her AI-powered works illustrate a wide range of skills, while remaining true to her chosen themes. This versatility distinguishes Neïla as a multi-disciplined AI Art Director, ranging from purist fashion editorial to visual designs, also encompassing retail, packshots, beauty portraits, textures and more. Her creativity has been called upon for various collaborations, including LVMH and Clarins.

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